Owens, Howard

PhD in Missions, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 2005
ThM in Missions, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 2003
MDiv, Columbia International University 1988
BS in Industrial Management, Georgia Institute of Technology 1980


Before joining the online faculty of Piedmont International University, Howard Owens was a missionary in France (1989-2001); received a Ph. D. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (2001-2005), where he also taught as an adjunct professor; taught residentially and online at Tennessee Temple University (2006-2015); taught online for Liberty University (since 2009) and for Luther Rice University (since 2012). His areas of interest are missions, Christian education, and biblical studies.

Dr. Owens’ research interests are in the areas of the history of missions and biblical theology of missions. In 2005 he presented the paper “Nestorian Merchant Missionaries and Today’s Unreached People Groups” regionally and nationally at Evangelical Missiological Society conferences. It was published in their 2006 book Business as Mission. At the March 2014 Southeast Region EMS Conference, he presented the paper “Being Distinct in Pluralistic Communities: Behaviors for the Followers of Christ.” In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus exhorts his followers regarding the following behaviors that are to be distinct from pagan behavior: greetings (5:47), prayer (6:7), anxiety (6:31-32), and greatness (20:25-26). The theme of the conference was diaspora missiology. Because Jesus lived among diasporas, people scattered from their homelands, i.e., soldiers, slaves, merchants, etc., Christians can look to his teaching to live distinctly in pluralistic communities and make disciples of the peoples who create them.

Currently Dr. Owens is researching the implied missionary activity of the Old Testament. Because the Old Testament is not explicit missionary literature, like the New Testament (evangelistic tracts, mission history, and missionary letters), the missionary activity of the Old Covenant is implied. It, therefore, is overlooked and God’s work among all peoples is misunderstood. The Lord always has wanted all peoples to know him through his word. Jesus commissions us to continue the program.

He is married to Trudy (35 years). They have three adult children, and one grandson. His interests are model airplanes, hiking, gardening, and listening to music. Howard was born-again in July 1979. His relationship with Christ has “made all the difference.”

Owens, Howard