Hullinger, Jerry

Stevens Hall SH201
ThD in Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary 1993
ThM in Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary 1989
BBS in Biblical Studies, Western Bible College 1983
Certificate in Pastoral Training/Greek, Moody Bible Institute 1982


Dr. Jerry Hullinger completed his theological training at the historical, evangelical institutions of Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary. Upon graduation he served as a pastor and then as a college/seminary professor, and came to Piedmont in the fall of 2009.

His teaching style has been described as theologically and exegetically rich as he brings together the disciplines of theology, biblical studies, church history, and logic to bear as a lens for viewing the current cultural climate. Dr. Hullinger is a staunch supporter of sola scriptura as he drives his students to think for themselves, sometimes with a touch of sarcasm, and find validation for their beliefs through an objective handling of Scripture. Dr. Hullinger is consistently recognized as one of Piedmont’s favorite professors.

In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Hullinger regularly chairs Ph.D.dissertation committees and through Piedmont’s innovative, graduate-level e4-12 program, his lectures on hermeneutics and New Testament studies are watched in churches across the United States and in countries around the world. He and his wife are the parents of two married children. He enjoys eating out and is an avid Chicago sports fan.

Courses Taught

Old & New Testament Survey
New Testament Studies
Life of Christ
Pauline Epistles


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Unpublished Monographs

Th.D. Doctor of Theology, dissertation: “A Proposed Solution to the Problem of Animal Sacrifices in Ezekiel 40-48.” Dallas Theological Seminary, 1993.
Th.M. Master of Theology, thesis: “Dispensational Problems in the Matthean Beatitudes.” Dallas Theological Seminary, 1988.


The 1024 Project
Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

Hullinger, Jerry